Sanctuary of Lord Jesus,  Milatyński

        There is a picture of the Crucified Lord Jesus, called Milatyński, which is famous for His grace and miracles. The image is medium size: 56 x73 cm. It is painted with oil paints on thick canvas. The background of the picture is clear and the figure of Jesus crucified is darker. The Savior’s head, from which the hair hangs, rests on the right shoulder, almost parallel to the horizontal beam of the cross. The face of the Savior faces forward. There is a crown of thorns on His head. Blood flows from hands and the left side. On the left shoulder, the wound is prevalent from carrying the cross. This painting surfaced in Poland around 1700 AD. It came from Rome by Józef Mocarski, Provincial of the Dominican Province, and offered to his relative Joanna Krzeczowska on her wedding day to the Colonel of the Crown Army – Popławski. Their families treasured this painting and passed it amongst them in Eastern Europe.  The belief that this painting conveyed „Grace” was confirmed.  In 1758, a book, Sources of Life was published containing descriptions of the many miracles and graces experienced after praying at the image of the Lord Jesus Merciful,  Milatyński . The wonderful painting was placed in the chapel of the House of the Sobieszczański”s.  Many, many people report being healed by the image. Archbishop of Lvov appointed a special commission which analyzed extraordinary phenomena and issued a decree on July 10, 1747, recognizing the image of the Lord Jesus Merciful,  Milatyński , as „gracious” and instructed him to transfer the painting to the church of the Carmelite Fathers in Nowy Milatyn. From then on, the picture was called „Milatyński”. In 1771 – 1779 a new temple was erected where the image was placed.  The church could not handle the number of individuals who wanted to see the miraculous picture. The walls of the temple were covered with votive gratitude for the graces received.  Nowy Milatyn is about 40 km northeast of Lvov. The Carmelite Fathers took care of the church and painting until the Order’s cessation in 1788. In 1906 Archbishop Józef Bilczewski – the Metropolitan of Lvov entrusted the parish in Nowy Milatyn ,the Congregation of the Priests of Saint Vincent de Paul, with the miraculous image.  Many  missionaries worshiped the miraculous image.  After the Second World War however, they had to leave Nowy Milatyn and Eastern Poland. The Priests brought the image of Lord Jesus Milatyński to Cracow and placed it in The Sanctuary of the Lord Jesus, in the local church. Every Friday there is celebrated novena for the grace and miracles surrounding this painting.  The petitioners continue to pray and request help in this life.